For people who do not have much time to take their garbage out when moving and shifting places and want to avoid this hassle, skip bins is the right option. Easy delivery and quick assistance is the core feature of this service. Bins are available in a range of different sizes and any type of materials and objects can be put into it. For ease of access to the customers, the bins are made with walk-in access which makes it easier for the user to store and place their materials inside it. The services available are very quick and same day delivery can be done which makes it easier for the customers in urgent needs, if you’d rather get a professional rubbish removal team in Melbourne then get in touch with 1300 BINNIT. These are also environment-friendly bins which can be recycled again and again and recycling stations are available at the stations itself so no extra hassle is present.

No additional costs are applied for recycling. Bins are available in mini and maxi sizes to fulfill the needs of the customer. The sizes available for bins are 2.5m (top load access), 3m (drop at door walk in access), 4m (drop at door walk in access), 5m (drop at door walk in access), 6m (double doors walk in access), 9m (double doors walk in access) and 12m(double doors walk in access). Both domestic household waste and commercial buildings and construction wastes. The things which can be loaded in these bins are as follows –

  • Moving house
  • Household clean ups
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Concrete
  • Boxes
  • Bricks
  • Furniture
  • Garden waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Glass steel soil

Apart from all this, it is not at all a difficult process as the customer just needs to make a call and give their details for booking of bins. Everything which is loaded into these bins and trucks is recycled at their own recycling station and only degradable waste is put into landfills. There are three types of bins available apart from their sizes –

  1. MARREL SKIP BIN – This bin is the one which is the most widely used both for domestic and commercial waste. The sides of these bins are higher than their lengths. Most of these come with a wheelbarrow access which is easier for loading. It is lifted up with the help of chains and is subsequently attached to a hydraulic arm and then from the back of the truck, it is lowered off.
  2. HOOK LIFT SKIP BIN – These are generally attached to the truck and with the help of hydraulic hooks on the back of the trucks, they grab the garbage and roll it on the back of the truck. The hooks are rectangular in shape which makes it easier for handling the bins. In these bins, basically industrial and commercial waste is loaded.
  3. MOBILE SKIP BIN – These ones are used for locations from which it is hard to fetch the garbage like inside garages or underground parking. These can be attached to other trucks or vehicles with de-attachable hooks and come with locks on their lids so that the materials inside are safe.

RESIDENTIAL WASTE – Wheelie bins and skip bins are the two types. This one is ideal for regular collection of garbage. Wastes to be loaded into the bins are allowed from 80L to 240L and the types of wastes can be anything used up in the houses ranging from grass roots to general household rubbish.

COMMERCIAL WASTE – All types of items available in the office ranging from papers, plastics, construction waste come under this type of waste.

Services offered by these professionals are for the benefits of the customer only and they treat customer satisfaction as their top most priority.